2007-09-24:    Four new Spicefactory products announced

Today Spicefactory announces the release of four new Open Source projects for building Rich Internet Applications scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2007.

Parsley is an application framework for Flex/Flash/AIR applications and combines an IOC (Inversion of Control) container for configuration and dependency injection with runtime localization and an MVC framework. Previous versions of Parsley written in AS2 have been used as an inhouse framework for three years in several large applications. For the first public release it was ported to AS3 with a buch of new features added.

Cinnamon is a remoting framework based on the AMF3 protocol connecting clients written in AS3 with Java EE server applications. It comes with many extensions points, a lot of options for mapping AS3 types to Java types and optional integration with Spring. It has also already been used in production.

Spicelib is an AS3 support library for the other Spicefactory projects that can also be used separately. It contains the Task Framework (an abstraction for asynchronous operations), modules for logging, reflection and collections as well as other utilities.

Development for the initial releases of Parsley, Cinnamon and Spicelib has been completed. The following weeks will be spent with testing and documentation and to set up the infrastructure with forum, public issue tracker and wiki.

The fourth project, Pimento, is still in the planning stages and implementation has not been started yet. It will build on the other frameworks and offer modules for content and media management and administration of Rich Internet Applications.

All new projects will be Open Source and licensed under the Apache License 2.0.

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