2007-12-09:    Spicelib 1.0 Release Candidate available

Today we made the first Release Candidate of Spicelib available for download, the second of four projects that were announced in September.

Spicelib is an AS3 support library for the other Spicefactory projects that can also be used separately. It contains the Task Framework (an abstraction for asynchronous operations) and modules for logging and reflection as well as other utilities.

There is also a small Java library released under the name Spicelib. Like its AS3 twin its main purpose is to act as a support library for other Spicefactory projects. Its main module is a reflection library that (in contrast to Java SE core libraries) supports Generics properly. It is used within Cinnamon for type conversion of method parameters and bean properties.

You can download the Release Candidate here. For feedback or questions please visit our forum.

We now focus on the initial release of Parsley in January and the first minor update of Cinnamon.

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