2008-01-12:    Parsley 1.0.RC1 released

Today we made the first Release Candidate of Parsley available for download. This is the last of three projects that were originally scheduled for a Q4/07 release.

Parsley is an AS3 application framework that consists of three modules: An IOC Container for Configuration and Dependency Injection, an MVC Framework and a module for Localization.

While this is the first public release of Parsley, the framework is actually almost four years old now. It was developed and used as an inhouse framework written in AS2. The public release is the first version after the port to AS3.

You can download the Release Candidate here. For feedback or questions please visit our forum.

For the next couple of months we now focus on minor updates for Cinnamon, Parsley and Spicelib, before we start with Pimento later this year.

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