2008-04-30:    FFK-08 Conference in Cologne, May 21-24

Flashforum 	Konferenz 2008

The Flashforum Conference 2008 will be held in Cologne, at the Mediapark, from May 21-24, with several talks and workshops on Flash, Flex and AIR and even a talk on Silverlight.

On the two conference days (May 22/23) there will be 20 sessions in 2 tracks. Most of the talks will be in German and a few in English. You can find the schedule here. This year will also introduce, for the first time, two workshop days on May 21 and May 24. Nico Zimmermann from Powerflasher will hold the workshop on Design Patterns which will include (amongst a lot of other stuff) an introduction to Dependency Injection and Parsley. Unfortunately I'm posting this much too late as the workshop is already fully booked. But he will also give an one hour presentation at the conference on the same topics, but (obviously) in condensed form.

It's quite comfortable (and rare) for me to attend a conference within walking distance from my office. Although I won't be presenting anything myself I'll be there on both of the two conference days. So if you want to meet me for some discussions just drop me a note.

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