2008-08-31:    Spicefactory Roadmap Fall 08

If you noticed that there haven't been any maintenance releases for the existing projects that doesn't mean we stopped working on them. The lack of updates is simply due to the fact that we are working on the initial Pimento release and since Pimento needs new features and enhancements in each of the other projects the Pimento release will be accompanied by a synchronized update of all other projects. This is all going to happen in late September or October if nothing unpredictable happens.

This news entry will give a short overview of what you can expect in these fall releases:


The initial release starts to take shape. The remaining work will be to expand the integration test suite and to provide documentation (ASDoc, Javadoc, Manual). You can already check out the prerelease version from SVN. See the instructions on the Documentation Page on how to setup the project and run the integration test suite. Any help in beta testing is certainly appreciated. Please use the Forum for any kind of feedback or bug reports.

The main goal for Pimento is to radically simplify the development of AS3 to Java remoting applications that use JPA/Hibernate for the persistence layer. In practice that means that for any project where you use Cinnamon and JPA/Hibernate today it is recommended to add Pimento to the mix in the future. The upcoming initial Pimento release allows you to perform simple CRUD operation through its AS3 EntityManager API without the need to create services in Java, it creates change sets of already loaded entities when you write changes back to the server instead of sending full objects, it supports lazy loading of associations and collections, includes a client side cache, manages your AS3 entities to make sure only one instance for each persistent object is loaded into the Flash VM, it automatically synchronizes the primary key if you persist a transient instance, it reads and analyzes the existing JPA/Hibernate configuration minimizing the amount of configuration necessary for mapping entities to AS3 and much more.

And this is only the tip of the iceberg. The following releases in 2009/2010 will add support for autogenerated forms for editing entities to provide a framework to quickly create admin tools, and later user and permission management as well as media management will be added.


The upcoming 0.3.0 release contains some new low-level extension points. They will probably not going to be used much by regular application code, but they might be useful for frameworks that build upon Cinnamon, since these extension points allow you to hook into the request lifecycle.

It will also include some minor enhancements like support for Java Enums and a new base classes for writing integration tests with FlexUnit or dpUInt. It does not contain any bug fixes... there simply are no known issues. We have been using it in production for more than a year now and it appears to be very stable.


The next release will add a lot of features for the Reflection API. Some of them didn't make it into the initial release since several tags of the output from describeType are/were not documented in the official Flash Player API. The API will also be enhanced to deal with ApplicationDomains since it currently is not possible to use it with Flex Modules for example.

Furthermore starting with the upcoming 1.1.0 release we will provide module SWCs for the individual modules like Logging or the Task Framework in addition to the full SWC. If you only use a fraction of the library it might be more convenient not to add the full Spicelib to your project.


The upcoming 1.0.2 release will only see some minor fixes and enhancements. The biggest one will be to build upon the new ApplicationDomain support in Spicelib 1.1.0 and adjust the IOC container to properly work when used with Flex Modules.

Since we already started planning the feature set for the 2.0 release which will be a complete rewrite of the internal API to make it more flexible and add metadata driven dependency injection, the 1.0 branch will only see maintenance releases in the upcoming months. We have no schedule for the 2.0 release, but hope to have it ready for summer or fall 2009.

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