2008-11-30:    First Release of Pimento Data Services

Today we made available the first Release Candidate of Pimento 1.0, a framework that offers data management for projects that integrate JPA/Hibernate on the server and Flash/Flex on the client. You can read more about its feature list on the Pimento Project Page and in the Manual. To get started you can also download a very simple, HelloWorld-style application from the Quick Tutorial page in the manual.

Of course this is an early release so you should carefully evaluate and test it before using it in production. On the other hand, many features are based on Cinnamon Remoting, its sister project, which was released more than one year ago and has been very robust for quite some time now.

You can download the Release Candidate here. For any issues or suggestions, please use our Forum

Now that Pimento is released we will focus on getting it to 1.0 final while also preparing for development of Parsley 2, the next generation of our IOC Container and MVC Framework.

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