2009-02-19:    Merging four projects into two

Those of you who check out the projects from SVN may have already noticed that some major reorganization has happened. The code base of Spicelib has been moved to the Parsley repository and the Cinnamon code base to the Pimento repository.

This is really just an organizational change, since the releases for these twin projects often had to be synchronized anyway. Spicelib can still be used without Parsley and Cinnamon without Pimento. But the projects will have common release cycles from now on. Starting with the Pimento 1.0 Final Release Cinnamon will jump to 1.0 too and the download will contain both projects. The same applies to Parsley when version 2.0 gets released, at that time Spicelib will also jump to 2.0.

Likewise the Jira tickets have also been merged into 2 projects. At the time the next versions will be released, the website will also be reorganized to reflect these changes. Finally documentation will also be merged, combining Parsley and Spicelib manuals into one package and also bundling Pimento with Cinnamon documentation. In the end it should then be easier to get the whole picuture and in particular to know which versions of the frameworks are compatible.

If you are currently connected to the trunk of either Cinnamon or Spicelib you now have to switch to the Pimento or Parlsey repositories respectively. If you want to check out older releases of Cinnamon or Spicelib the tags for those releases will remain in the old repositories.

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