2009-04-21:    Pimento Presentation at FFK-09 in Cologne

Flashforum Konferenz 2009

At this years Flashforum Conference in Cologne Jens Dämgen will hold a presentation on "Data Driven Flex Applications with Java EE" demonstrating the use of Pimento Data Services together with Flex, Spring, Hibernate and Tomcat. The presentation, as most of the other ones, will be held in German. You can read the abstract for this talk on the FFK website.

Jens will give a short general overview over the benefits of using Flex with a typical Java EE Open Source stack and then showcase a Flex-based admin tool that he uses to manage the data for his TaxiFinder iPhone app. He'll show some examples to demonstrate how easy it is to connect a Flex application to server side data managed with JPA/Hibernate and also give an overview of key features of both Pimento Data Services and Cinnamon Remoting.

FFK is the largest conference in German focussing on the Flash Platform. As last year the conference will take place at the MediaPark in Cologne, on April 28-29 framed by two workshop days on April 27 and April 30. I'll be there on both conference days. So if you want to meet me for some discussions just drop me a note.

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