2009-04-28:    Parsley 1.0.3 Maintenance Release

With the Parsley 2 Release finally getting closer this Version 1 Maintenance Release wraps up all the improvements and fixes since the last release in November. It is intended to be the final 1.0 Release unlesss some critical bugs will surface. It is a very minor update with some small improvements and only a single critical bug fix for those who use the Localization Module together with multiple ApplicationContexts in a Parent-Child hierarchy. The initialization order for loaded messages in child contexts was mixed up for such a scenario.

Otherwise it contains updates to the latest releases of sister projects Spicelib and Cinnamon. If you use Parsley 1 together with Cinnamon you can now update to the 1.0 Final Release of Cinnamon since Parsley now reflects the refactoring of Cinnamons AS3 package hierarchy.

Meanwhile Parsley 2 is now fully implemented. The major remaining tasks are testing/debugging and rewriting the UnitTest Suite and the Manual. Hopefully there will be an early preview release with a first mini-tutorial in about 2 or 3 weeks.

You can download the new version here.

Release Notes - Parsley - Version 1.0.3




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