2009-06-08:    Completely redesigned Parsley 2.0 released

After a few months of design and development the completely redesigned Parsley 2 Framework is finally available. We really started from scratch throwing away the existing code base and building something new overcoming some of the limitiations in version 1. In case you'd like to know why we made such a radical change, you can read the news entry on the first announcement of version 2.

With the new version you have a broad range of choices for application configuration, using AS3 Metadata, MXML or XML tags or ActionScript. It allows to develop fully decoupled application components with the new injection mechanism and messaging framework. It offers integration features for Flex Applications like Flex Component wiring or support for Flex Modules, while still being suitable for Flash Applications. It offers a lot more power and flexibility than its predecessor, while still being easier to use and setup if you just need the basic feature set of the core IOC container.

I'll keep this announcement short, since everything you'd need to know to get started is available in the very extensive Developer Manual.

Since this is a complete rewrite it's probably best to treat this release like a 1.0 version in terms of robustness. Before using it in a large and complex application you should carefully evaluate it. On the other hand, since the internal design is so much cleaner than with the 1.0 version, fixing stuff should be straightforward for us in most cases.

Of course, as always, any kind of feedback is highly appreciated, please visit our forum for suggestions, comments or questions.

You can download the new version here.

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