2009-08-05:    Pimento Download Zips have been fixed

All downloads for Pimento (the regular release Zip and the sample application linked from the tutorial) have been fixed. Unfortunately there was a problem in the Ant build that creates the zip files. It picked up some files from the wrong branch (just before the 1.0.1 release Pimento has been branched due to some larger refactorings in trunk). Of course I run the full integration test suite before each release, but that doesn't help if after a successfull test the wrong files end up in the zip.

For the sample application the effect was that it didn't work at all. For the regular download the effect was that queries created in AS3 with EntityManager.createQuery did not work. The code as such was fine, so if you work from SVN you are not affected by these problems. The only problem really was that the automatic packaging of the download zips did not work correctly. You can now download the fixed zips for both the regular release and the sample application.

Furthermore the next version (1.1.0) is almost done. The only remaining tasks are ASDoc/Javadoc comments for all the new and modified classes and some necessary updates to the manual to reflect the changes in the new version. You can expect the final release in about 2 or 3 weeks. For the meantime you can already try out the new version if you build from trunk. The code already reflects the final 1.1.0 version. But you have to use the new Spring configuration files from trunk, not one of the existing ones from previous releases or from the sample application, since there were some changes in the way the services get wired.

The next release will primarily be a consolidation release that does not contain a lot of new functionality. But the improvements in the internal design and the robustness, in particular for batch requests, are significant. And since the AS3 EntityManager interface remains backwards-compatible it is recommended to upgrade as soon as the new version is out.

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