2009-10-19:    Parsley 2.1.0 comes with many enhancements

After several weeks of work the new version is finally ready. It turned out to be a major task to incorporate all the valuable feedback I got since the first 2.0 release. And in fact it really is kind of a 2.5 release, but I'll stick with the initial numbering plan.

Due to some major changes to the internal architecture this release is not fully backwards-compatible to 2.0.x. But since I anticipated all the planned features for 2.2/2.3 when designing the new internal architecture, it is very likely that subsequent releases will not require any further migration and should be ready to be used as a drop-in replacement. For migrating applications built for version 2.0.x, please refer to the migration section in the manual. The list may seem to be quite long, but many of the entries only affect you if you wrote extensions. For normal application usage only a few of them are relevant.

Apart from many smaller enhancements, this is the list of the most significant changes and additions:

For a complete list of smaller changes to the manual you can refer to this list. If you have direct bookmarks to the manual or API docs please update them, since the URL has changed for 2.1, to keep the old documentation available for those still using 2.0.

You can download the new version here.

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