2009-12-22:    Parsley 2.1.1 Maintenance Release

As kind of a small Christmas gift a new Parsley version is available that fixes a number of issues that surfaced after the 2.1.0 release. It is a fully backwards-compatible release, so it is strongly recommended to update all existing applications.

For a complete list of improvements see the release notes below. I'll just briefly describe some of the most critical issues that have been resolved here. First there was a problem when the same module was loaded twice without unloading inbetween. In this case Parsley used the wrong ApplicationDomain when reflecting. Had been fixed a few weeks ago and the fix has now been included in this release.

In recent days I also managed to tackle a few things centering around timing problems and event order in Flex components. There is some strange behaviour in the Flex SDK where components may fire multiple addedToStage events (with some removedFromStage events inbetween) when initializing. This had ugly side-effects causing components to be wired and unwired, then wired again, performing injections and invoking its init methods multiple times. This strange behaviour is now automatically detected and redundant events are simply ignored, so you should now see a more stable and reliable behaviour. Also the target attribute of the Configure tag is now expected to work reliably.

You can download the new version here.

Once again I'd like to thank everyone who helped with feedback, bug reports and suggestions.
And I wish everyone a very happy Christmas!

Release Notes - Parsley - Version 2.1.1




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