2010-03-28:    Parsley 2.2.1 Consolidation Release

After adding a lot of functionality during the past months it was about time to slow down a bit with adding features and take some time to polish the existing features. Apart from many bugfixes, most of them again caused by very helpful bug reports from the community, this release contains a lot of subtle enhancements, that were added based on practical experience of using Parsley in enterprise Flex projects.

This is a brief summary of the most significant enhancements:

For the complete list of smaller enhancements and fixes you may browse through the Jira tickets for the new release.

This release marks the end of the 2.2.x lifecycle. If you regularly build snapshots from trunk it is recommended to stop for a while as there will be some major (but backwards-compatible) refactoring in the IOC Kernel. You should at least wait until this refactoring is completed with the 2.3.M1 release.

The release cycles will change a bit from now on, as there will now be milestone releases of new functionality instead of waiting until all features for a major update have been implemented. This is to allow to gather feedback and bug reports earlier which have been proven to be very useful in the past. I noticed that some of the unofficial snapshot preview releases for earlier version were downloaded a lot, so I will now make these interim releases official, so that changes can be tracked in the corresponding release section in Jira.

You can download the new version here.

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