2010-04-19:    Parsley 2.2.2 Bugfix Release

Although the original plan was for version 2.2.1 being the last release for 2.2, a few issues surfaced after that release, with some of them being critical. In particular the previous release broke the Cairngorm 3 Navigation Library. Otherwise this bugfix release does not contain new functionality or major enhancements. Since the new release is fully backwards-compatible to all preceding 2.2.x versions it's recommended to update immediately.

For the complete list of smaller enhancements and fixes you may browse through the Jira tickets for the new release.

This release marks the end of the 2.2.x lifecycle. If you regularly build snapshots from trunk it is recommended to stop for a while as there will be some major (but backwards-compatible) refactoring in the IOC Kernel. You should at least wait until this refactoring is completed with the 2.3.M1 release.

You can download the new version here.

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