2010-06-30:    Spicelib 2.3.M2 improves XML-Object-Mapper

For the first time since the release cycles of Parsley and Spicelib have been synchronized with the Parsley 2.0.0 release one year ago, the major focus for improvements for a new release lies on one of the Spicelib Modules. The XML-Object-Mapper has been improved significantly. It now allows to configure the mappings conveniently with metadata tags on the properties of the mapped class and also adds sensible defaults, so that in many cases not even metadata is required. Finally it adds a new configuration DSL to quickly set up a group of mappings. As a result the need for messy plumbing code just to initialize a mapper should go away for most use cases.

The good news is that these improvements could be built in a fully backwards-compatible way. The new capabilities have been added on top of the exisiting APIs. Those are now considered internal APIs and should only in rare cases be used by application code directly. But since they are still there you can migrate to the new API gradually, or even not at all and only use it for new application functionality.

Since the support for Parsley XML configuration builds on top of that Spicelib module, the internal setup of the XML configuration processor in Parsley has also been simplified. But that has no affect on any of your existing XML configuration files. One thing that now is considerably easier though is creating custom XML configuration tags for Parsley. With the new easy mapper setup it is almost as straightforward as the setup for custom MXML or metadata tags.

The chapter about the XML-Object-Mapper in the manual has been completely rewritten for the 2.3 release. You can read it here.

For the complete list of smaller enhancements and fixes you may browse through the Jira tickets for the new release.

You can download the new version here.

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