2010-12-28:    First Milestone of Parsley 2.4 Released

After versions 2.1 to 2.3 introduced major feature additions, the next release will be more like a polishing release, refining many of the existing features, often in a way primarily useful for bigger and modular applications. Like previous releases it is intended to be fully backwards-compatible for application code. Even most of the extensions you may be using (3rd party or your own) should continue to work unmodified. Only exception are the cases where you replaced or decorated one of the IOC kernel services (which is not that common).

If you are using version 2.3.2 in production, it is not recommended to update immediately, at least not without thorough testing. But even if you don't update, please test the new milestone with existing production applications. With previous releases it became apparent that most people wait for the final release before they start to test. If they run into issues then they obviously have to wait for a dot release until they can start using the new version. So please do yourself a favor and try it out as early as possible!

The most significant enhancements in this milestone were:

And some internal changes that do not affect normal application code:

For the complete list of changes and enhancements you may browse through the Jira tickets for the new release

When the second digit of the version changes there is also always a new version of the manual and API docs online. So if you bookmarked the manual, change it to once you started using the new version.

You can download the new version here.

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