2011-05-01:    Spec for New Project Spicelib Commands Available

The spec for the new project is available here: Spicelib 3 Commands. It is the first spec for the upcoming releases of Spicelib 3 and Parsley 3.

After the integrated release of version 2.4 for Spicelib and Parsley a few weeks ago, some bigger changes affecting the structure of these two projects are planned for the coming months. During the lifetime of all 2.x versions the release cycles of Spicelib were always synchronized with those of Parsley, and Spicelib was a full suite release with all libraries included. This was very convenient for this period of development as many of the libraries were enhanced and changed regularly, and quite often this was due to requirements in the Parsley project that heavily depends on these libraries. Now with the libraries becoming mature and some of them moving into maintenance mode, the tight coupling of release cycles is no longer needed.

Therefore these are the upcoming changes:

The spec for the new Spicelib Commands project has already been finalized and is available for review. Please use the forum for any kind of feedback or suggestions.

In about 2 or 3 weeks there will also be a spec outlining the planned changes for Parsley 3.

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