2011-05-18:    Plans for Parsley 3

Two years after the release of Parsley 2.0, the time has come for another major update to the framework. Apart from a number of smaller enhancements and feature additions that you saw in every 2.x release, this version focuses around two major themes:

Apart from these two themes the major update will finally allow to get rid of all deprecations. The code base will move from the existing SVN repository to GitHub for easier participation. The Core APIs are supposed to get sealed with this release after some level of inevitable volatility through the Parsley 2 lifetime which saw major advancements and changes with the increasing adoption of the framework and the resulting feedback and feature requests. And there is the plan to create a mailing list for all extension developers so that any potentially breaking change or deprecation can be discussed with all teams affected.

This is just a short summary, you can read the full story on all this in this road map document.

Before work on Parsley 3 will start, the coming weeks will see parallel development of yet another Parsley 2 maintenance release (2.4.1) and the new Spicelib Commands project which needs to be ready before the new Parsley version can be built.

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