2011-10-30:    Move to GitHub Completed

The move to GitHub has now been completed, the download page has been updated accordingly. The old SVN repository will now only host the releases of Parsley 1+2 and Spicelib 1+2. You can still check out the code for any of these releases using the corresponding tags. But there won't be any further development on this code base. Trunk will be cleared in the coming days for Parsley and Spicelib, leaving only a Readme, to make sure that no-one keeps looking for updates in this repository.

The code for Parsley 3 and Spicelib 3 is now hosted on GitHub. You can get a list of all projects from the main page:

Most of Spicelib 3 has already been quietly released, as part of the Parsley 2.4.1 release. That release contained primarily the existing functionality of Spicelib 2, with the major difference being that all libraries in that project now have their own release cycles and version numbers. You can combine Spicelib 3 with Parsley 2.4.1.

The only release left for Spicelib 3 to be complete is the new Commands Framework. The work has already been completed, if you want to try it out, you can check out the source from GitHub and build it yourself. The only thing missing is a new chapter in the Spicelib manual. The final release is expected sometime in the coming 10 days.

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