2011-11-07:    New Project Spicelib Commands Released

Spicelib Commands is a new member of the suite of libraries under the Spicelib umbrella. It is a general abstraction for synchronous and asynchronous operations. It aims at simplifying and streamlining the creation of asynchronous operations, allows to group them for sequential or parallel execution and to pass data from command results to subsequent commands in a decoupled fashion.

The Commands Framework is a replacement for the Task Framework that was part of Spicelib 1 and 2. It is intended to be simpler to use and more powerful at the same time. The Task Framework is discontinued and not included in Spicelib 3.

Versioning of Spicelib Commands starts at 3.0 and not 1.0, as it is a successor of the Task Framework and part of Spicelib 3.

The release of the new project marks the completion of the 3.0 suite of Spicelib. From now on all these libraries will have their own release cycles and get bugfix and enhancement releases as required.

The Commands Framework will also be the basis of the redesigned command support in Parsley 3, but it can also be used as a standalone library or get integrated into other IOC containers. Work on the first milestone of Parsley 3.0 will now resume and the release is expected in late December.

You can browse the documentation here and download the new project here.

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