2012-01-03:    Second Milestone of Parsley 3.0 Released

Just a week after the first milestone, the second release follows. This version marks a significant milestone, as Parsley 3 is now API-complete. The final release will not come with any further changes, just a few minor additions and any necessary fixes.

The API of Parsley 3 is intended to be a long-term stable API. If you followed the Parsley 2 releases you may have noticed that even second digit changes in version numbers often meant breaking API changes. This was because Parsley significantly evolved in its version 2 lifetime based on the growing adoption in large-scale enterprise projects. This fast evolution will come to an end with Parsley 3, where future releases are intended to be drop-in replacements for existing applications without any migration steps. Therefore it is strongly recommended to move to Parsley 3 at some point, as it will allow you to benefit from future enhancements and fixes without further changes on your side. On the other hand Parsley 2 will not see any further enhancement or bugfix releases, so staying with that version would mean that you'd have to find workarounds yourself if you run into problems.

If you are rather conservative and plan to wait for the final release before doing the migration, it is nevertheless recommended to at least try the new version and report back any issues you may run into. This way you have a greater chance that any issues that might affect you are already resolved in version 3.0.0.

After the first milestone that brought changes (and lots of new features) in the command support, this version primarily affects anyone who has built extensions. There has been a final refactoring in many extension APIs with the main goal to make it easier to create custom Parsley distributions with a reduced or modified set of configuration options. Parsley is not only useful as a complete application framework out of the box, but can also easily serve as a foundation for building a customized framework tailored for your particular requirements.

The manual for the new version contains a detailed Migration Guide. Please report back in the forum when you think that anything essential is missing.

You can browse the updated manual here and download the new version and the new extensions here The final release is now expected in early February. The various Parsley extension projects already got a final release version number, as the API of Parsley Core is not going to change.

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