Class ServiceResponseEncoder

  extended by

public class ServiceResponseEncoder
extends Object

Responsible for encoding a single response, in particular for encoding entity snapshot representations contained in the return value of the operation.

Jens Halm

Constructor Summary
ServiceResponseEncoder(Metamodel metamodel)
          Creates a new instance.
Method Summary
 void encode(ServiceResponse response, SnapshotEncoder encoder, FetchPlan fetchPlan)
          Encodes the specified response using the given encoder.
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Constructor Detail


public ServiceResponseEncoder(Metamodel metamodel)
Creates a new instance.

metamodel - the metamodel for all entities managed by Pimento
Method Detail


public void encode(ServiceResponse response,
                   SnapshotEncoder encoder,
                   FetchPlan fetchPlan)
Encodes the specified response using the given encoder.

response - the response to encode
encoder - the encoder to use for encoding entity snapshots
fetchPlan - the effective FetchPlan for this request or null if none has been specified in the request.