Class CollectionImpl

  extended by org.spicefactory.pimento.metamodel.impl.ManagedPropertyImpl
      extended by org.spicefactory.pimento.metamodel.impl.CollectionImpl
All Implemented Interfaces:
Externalizable, Collection, ManagedProperty

public class CollectionImpl
extends ManagedPropertyImpl
implements Collection

Default implementation of the Collection interface.

Jens Halm

Constructor Summary
protected CollectionImpl(PropertyHandler handler, Property property, int index)
          Creates a new instance.
Method Summary
 Type getElementType()
          Returns the persistent type of the collection elements.
 void writeExternal(DataOutput output)
          Saves the content of this object to the DataOutput instance.
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getHandler, getIndex, getProperty, isReadOnly, isRefreshable, readExternal
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getHandler, getIndex, getProperty, isReadOnly, isRefreshable

Constructor Detail


protected CollectionImpl(PropertyHandler handler,
                         Property property,
                         int index)
Creates a new instance.

handler - the handler responsible for encoding and decoding snapshot values
property - the reflection property
index - the index position of this property in the managed entity
Method Detail


public Type getElementType()
Description copied from interface: Collection
Returns the persistent type of the collection elements.

Specified by:
getElementType in interface Collection
the persistent type of the collection elements


public void writeExternal(DataOutput output)
Description copied from interface: Externalizable
Saves the content of this object to the DataOutput instance.

Specified by:
writeExternal in interface Externalizable
writeExternal in class ManagedPropertyImpl
output - the output to write to