Class Transaction

  extended by org.spicefactory.pimento.transaction.Transaction

public class Transaction
extends Object

Represents a single transaction. All operations that were bundled in a transaction instance on the client will be executed in a single transaction on the server side.

Jens Halm

Constructor Summary
Transaction(TransactionRequest request, Metamodel metamodel, ServiceMessageProcessor messageProcessor)
          Creates a new instance
Method Summary
 TransactionResponse execute()
          Executes the transaction and returns the response to be sent to the client.
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Constructor Detail


public Transaction(TransactionRequest request,
                   Metamodel metamodel,
                   ServiceMessageProcessor messageProcessor)
Creates a new instance

request - the request sent by the client
metamodel - the metamodel for all entities managed by this endpoint
messageProcessor - the processor responsible for handling the individual service invocations
Method Detail


public TransactionResponse execute()
Executes the transaction and returns the response to be sent to the client.

the response to be sent to the client